Meet the 2009 / 2010 Board of Directors

Historical Society Board of Directors 2009-2010 President – John Burtniak Past President – Bill Stevens Vice President – Paul Lewis Secretary – Elizabeth Finnie Treasurer – Chris Loat Director – Membership – Mary Leighton Director – Publicity – David Sharron  Director – Director – Joe Muskat   Director – John Calvert  Director – Gail Benjafield

Treasures from the Vault – St. Catharines Museum – April 2009

This month, the St. Catharines Museum made a collection of glass plate negatives available for viewing to the Society. These images come from the Bertha Shickluna Collection.  The box of negatives were found in a basement when the Shickluna’s were cleaning up.  The box and photos were not in very good shape.  They were offered toContinue reading “Treasures from the Vault – St. Catharines Museum – April 2009”

Meeting Recap: Snapshots of the Home Front – Niagara in 1939 to 1941

Using images from the St. Catharines Standard Collection from the St. Catharines Museum, Graham Phair took the Society back to the Niagara area during the early years of World War II.  When Hitler invaded Poland and Great Britain declared war, Canada was quick to support their British allies.  The people of Niagara were equally readyContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Snapshots of the Home Front – Niagara in 1939 to 1941”

April Meeting – New Topic – On The Homefront

On April 23, Graham Phair will give the Society a glimpse at how the people of Niagara managed during World War II.  Phair is the author of the recent book Snapshots of the Homefront: 1939 – 1941.  The book is filled with photographs from the St. Catharines Standard collection.  The meeting promises to be aContinue reading “April Meeting – New Topic – On The Homefront”

Treasures from the Vaults – St. Catharines Museum – March 2009

At every meeting, the St. Catharines Museum brings out one of the interesting artifacts from its collection to share with the Society. This week Arden Phair selected the McKee / Trans-Canada Trophy.  This trophy was awarded to Murton Seymour in 1940.  Murton Seymour was born in St. Catharines in 1892.  When a young boy, his familyContinue reading “Treasures from the Vaults – St. Catharines Museum – March 2009”

Meeting Recap: The Datebooks of Ransom Goring

On March 26, Mary Friesen introduced the Society to the Goring family of Niagara.   Francis Goring was born in England in 1755.  On the eve of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Goring arrived in Quebec.  He soon moved to Fort Niagara where he worked as a clerk in the fur trade.  ThroughContinue reading “Meeting Recap: The Datebooks of Ransom Goring”