Contact Info & Executive

 You can contact the Society via:


Or traditional mail:
The Historical Society of St. Catharines
Box 25017
221 Glendale Ave., Pen Centre
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 4C4

President: Dave Willer
Past President: Nancy Cameron
Vice President: Brian Narhi
Treasurer: Christopher Loat
Secretary: Elizabeth Finnie

Pat Richardson
John Brenton
Dennis Gannon
Gail Benjafield
Roger Bradshaw
Des Corran
Dan Sundy

48 thoughts on “Contact Info & Executive

  1. Please contact me with information about becoming a member of the St. Catharines Historical Society

    1. Hello, thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Historical Society of St. Catharines. Anyone who is interested in local history may join our group. Our membership fee is $15 for a single or $20 for a family for the year from January to December. If you look on the home page of this website, there is a membership form. You can fill it in and mail it to us, or you may send an e-transfer, or pay online by credit card.

  2. I realize that the old gm plant is being ripped down but we should save some piece of the plant as a reminder after all this plant was around for a long time and provided thousands of jobs. There is a big piece of a stripped down press sitting there I would like to have it saved as a reminder. This piece is sitting across from the Avondale store on Ontario st

  3. Hello

    I am looking for any information about my greatgrandfather Jozef (Joseph) Zajac (born 1888 in Chrzastow/Mielec, then Austria, now Poland), who lived in St. Catharines between c. 1930 and 1955. I only know that he worked at apricot farm. I would be most grateful for any information or tips where to look for any documents that would shed a light on his life in St. Catharines.

    (Cracow, Poland)

    1. Hello. I would suggest contacting the special Collections Room of the St. Catharines Library where some name directories are kept. Just google St Catharines Public Library to start. There is also an active Polish Society here that I would recommend you ask Special Collections staff to check for you.

  4. Hello, I am interested in some information , my mother, Florence Georgina Crowe was born in St. Catherine’s June 1, 1916. I have been trying to find relatives in your area. . Her parents would have been George & Rose Crowe.( Rose Kirby).

    If you can send me any information I would greatly appreciate it. Any fees, please let me know.

    1. Please contact Special Collections of the St. Catharines Public Library, where genealogical information is kept.

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